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Working Papers

“A Structural Estimation of Airport Ground Transport Mode Choice Using Aggregate Data”. (Job market paper)

“Estimating the effects of flight delays on passengers’ concession consumption at the airport”, with Kun Wang, Leonardo Corbo, Tae Oum.

 “Do low-cost carrier passengers spend more at airport duty free shops? -Empirical evidence from transaction data at Incheon International Airport”, with Jong Hae Choi, Kun Wang.

“Port adaptation to climate change and capacity investments under uncertainty”, with Robin Lindsey.


Choi, J.H., Park, Y., Wang, K. and Xia, W., 2020. Whether low-cost-carrier passengers spend more on duty-free goods at the airport? Evidence from Incheon International Airport. Journal of Air Transport Management, 86, p.101834.

Xia, W., Jiang, C., Wang, K., Zhang, A., 2019. Air-rail revenue sharing in a multi-airport system: Effects on traffic and social welfareTransportation Research Part B: Methodological, 121, pp.304-319.

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Book Chapter

Xia, W., Wang, K., Zhang, A., 2019. Air Transport and High-speed Rail Interactions in China: Review on Impacts of Low-cost Carriers, Rail Speed, and Modal Integration, in Xiaowen Fu, James Peoples (ed.) Airline Economics in Asia (Advances in Airline Economics, Volume 7) Emerald Publishing Limited, pp.103-122.

Data sets

  • Public transit ridership data at a major airport
  • Airport duty-free purchase data at a major airport
  • OAG database that provides flight schedule and traffic information for more than 900 airlines and over 4000 airports